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My Rescue
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Contact Dash's Caretaker/Foster Directly: Diane

About Dash

  • Status: Adopted!
  • Adoption Fee: $150
  • Species: Dog
  • Color: black and tan
  • Current Size: 11 Pounds
  • Potential Size: 12 Pounds
  • Current Age: 12 Years (best estimate)
  • Housetrained: Yes

Hi, my name is Dash! A kind lady found me along the road in Lincoln County, South Dakota and rushed me to the Humane Society, where they realized I was desperately in need of medical attention, and I went to see the wonderful veterinarians at All City Pet Care.

Since my owner didn't come looking for me, All City Pet Care called on Dakota Dachshund Rescue to see if they could help.  One look into my beautiful brown eyes and DDR agreed to take me in.

I had back surgery on November 1st, and I am coming along slow but sure. I had lost an incredible amount of weight, so my current challenges are putting on weight and muscle mass so I can continue to work on walking again.

I do have deep pain sensation back now, and the girls can make me wag my tail!  My foster mom tells me that rehab is probably going to take six to nine months, but she knows I can do it.  They are determined to help me walk again, and I want very much to run and play again, so I work very hard on my exercises each day . . . and I give lot of kisses too!


Guess what?  Remember how Mollie was sharing her cart with me, and I really needed one of my very own?  Well thanks to Sherri and Tom Patzer, I will soon have my very own Dashmobile!  The wonderful people at are making it right now . . . just for me!  I can't wait!

I have come so far already, but I have a long way to go too!  You can follow my progress here though.  The girls will update my weight gain and rehab progress as I hit milestones and personal goals.  It is slow going, but I am determined!  Don't give up on me!

I want to give a special paws up to Rhonda and Kurt Newberry and LaShel Marvig for their generous donations to my recovery.  I never knew there was so much love out there for me!  I am a very lucky boy indeed!

Someday, my forever family will find me, and when they do, I'll be ready . . . because of you!  Thank you so much to everyone for all your prayers and donations.  You've changed my life!


I got my new wheels today, and I can really fly with them!  I call it my Dashmobile, and I chased Diesel all over the place once the ladies got it fitted for me . . . and my tail was wagging!  I'm wagging it more and more now.  Oh, I'm such a lucky boy! 


The good news is I’m still on the move!  The bad news is I’ve worn right through the skin on my left leg, I move so much, and I had to go see Dr. Heidi.  She was super nice, and she was happy to see I had gained some weight.  (I’m up to 10.5 pounds now!) 

Everyone is worried about my sore though, so I have to take something called an antibiotic and then my foster mom rubs an antibiotic ointment on the sore to help me heal and keep it from getting infected.  I’m sorry they are so worried.  I didn’t know I was hurt, or I would have told them.  I just couldn’t feel it.

I’m a little nervous too.  I overheard them saying they are going to wrap the stirrups on my Dashmobile with quilting batting or sheep skin to help keep me safe.  I want to be excited about it, I really do, but I also want to look cool around all the girl dachsies.  =)  Rumor has it I’m a looker and a lover though, so I guess I’ll let them alter my wheels.  I am, after all, the Dashman!!!!


Hey everyone!  I’m holding my own at 11 pounds! 

Did you see my new pictures?  I can sit just like a real dog – bent legs and everything!  My legs are even strong enough to stand up for a little while as long as my hind end is supported.  

I still love going super fast in my Dashmobile!  In fact, I get to going so fast now that sometimes I tip over!  I really do think I can fly!  Turns out I can’t, and DDR is ordering me bigger wheels for my K9 Kart, so I don’t get hurt. 

Oh, and remember the sore.  It is healing, but I keep licking it.  Even though that isn’t the best thing to do, it got cheers from everyone who loves me because it means I can feel it now!  Woo-hoo!


Did you see me in the St. Patrick's Day Parade?  I was awesome if I do say so myself!  In staging, before we got started walking the parade route, lots of people stopped by to see me and the Dashmobile.  They took lots of pictures too!

It was a long walk though - 1.5 miles - especially on two paws, but I was determined I was going to finish strong.  Sometimes will and determination are not enough; sometimes a human picks you up and puts you in a stroller!

Turns out four wheels aren't bad either!  The crowd loved me.  Not only did I have more time to look around and smile at the people, I had more time to check out the lady dachsies on the route!  =)

     * * * * *

Did you see me on TV tonight?  I was on Eye on KELOland, and I was looking pretty dapper if I do say so myself!

My foster mom and dad did SOOOOOOOOOO good at getting the word out about the rescue group and all my friends here.  I've always known how blessed I am, but now everyone knows the special people who make up my world, and how far I have come because of them.

So thank you, thank you, thank you to Angela Kennecke and KELO for wanting to share my story!  But most of all, thank you to the guardian angel who picked me up along the side of the road, and thank you to my new guardians angels - my foster parents!  I love you very much!


OMG, OMG, OMG!  That’s all I could I hear in all the excitement!  But I knew they were talking about me, and I wagged my tail appropriately!  Not just because I could, but in response to all the attention about me, the Dashman!  Want to know what I did? 

First, I scared my foster mom.  She came outside to get us, and when she came around the corner, all she saw was the Dashmobile lying on the ground.  (I believe the human word for that is panic.)  But when she yelled for me, I heard her, and I came . . . just like I was supposed to. 

That’s right, folks!  I was walking!  I was only using three legs, and it was in my own unique way, but they worked in tandem, and I was W A L K IN G!  There was so much hoopla after that.  Cheers, tears, hugs, kisses, phone calls . . . more hugs, more kisses, more tears.  It was a very exciting evening.  I love being a superdachsie!  Maybe someday I’ll even have my very own cape!


Hey everyone!  I still haven't got my very own cape (hint hint), but I know I am getting closer!  Why?  Because I am using ALL FOUR legs now!  I am one determined little dachsie!  A dachsie with moxie!  I'm Super Dash!

Be sure to check out my video below!

More about Dash

Good with Dogs, Not Good with Cats

Sponsors: Sherri & Tom Patzer. Rhonda & Kurt Newberry. LaShel Marvig. Charles Rambel. Thank You SO Much!!!

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Dash Dash Dash Dash
Dash Dash Dash Dash

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