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Forever Fosters Remain Forever in our Hearts . . .

O c t o b e r   2 0,   1 9 9 8   -  
S e p t e m b e r   1 8,   2 0 1 2

Baylee was a wonderful senior girl. She enjoyed being held, was still playful and really enjoyed mealtime and treat time.

She only had three teeth left but would steal a big bone to chew on if she had the chance, and when she came in, we had hoped Baylee would find a retirement home of her very own.

For any of you that had an opportunity to meet Baylee, you understand why we were so taken with her. 

You see, Baylee was a tad funny looking, but her dachsie antics and personality made her beautiful and fun once you got to know her.  She was a little dynamite, a big pack leader in a little package, feisty and fun.
Baylee came to us mid 2010.  Her owner was ill with cancer, and his wife felt Baylee was at a point where she was to be put to sleep, but she sent her along with a group of other breeder dachshunds we had agreed to take.
Baylee had a horrible infection in her mouth and she had terrible osteomyeolitis (bone infection) in her jaw.  Most of her bottom jaw had been eaten away, and her teeth were incredibly rotten.  She also had a huge umbilical hernia from a c-section that had gone bad when she was two years old. 

While we were able to get the infection out of Baylee's mouth, the hernia was just too large and Baylee was just too old to try and repair it at age 11.
Baylee was very happy and healthy until April of this year when she started having issues with swallowing.  Barb found a lump on the side of her neck and Dr. Paul diagnosed her with a vascular tumor.   There was nothing we could do at this point – especially for a 13 year old dachsie - and Baylee became sponsorship only.

Dr. Paul coached Barb on caring for Baylee and how to feed her, and Baylee spent a wonderful summer in the sun . . . just hanging out and controlling Barb's pack.
Then on one of the last days of summer, Baylee waited for Barb to leave, and she went to the Rainbow Bridge.  Baylee was never alone.  Baylee never knew she wasn't home.  She loved her family, and her dachsie friends were by her side.

Thank you to all who helped love and care for Baylee, but especially to Barb, who welcomed Baylee into her home as a senior that would probably never leave. 

Barb never shied away when we found out Baylee was not going to be with us much longer.  In fact, she held her a little bit closer, loving her each step of the way.

So please say a little prayer for Baylee and for Barb.  Baylee will be missed by all who knew her, and we know Barb's little pack is grieving her loss as well.

God Speed Little One . . .


Not the least hard thing to bear when they go from us, these quiet friends, is that they carry away with them so many years of our own lives.

~ John Galsworthy

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