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"We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare.

 And in return, dogs give us their all." M. Facklam

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Thank you for your interest in fostering a furry friend! 


Dakota Dachshund Rescue provides everything the foster dog would need, kennel, bed, blanket, food, food and water dishes, toys, harness, and leash. We provide all required medical care, spay or neuter, dental if needed, HW test if old enough, presurgical bloodwork if needed, and all vaccinations required, rabies, distemper/parvo combo and Bordetella. 

The role of the foster family is to provide a caring, temporary home and rehabilitation for a dachshund or other breeds in need. Providing a warm safe place to sleep, kind words and patience along with socialization are the standard elements of a good foster home. Some need to be taught housetraining, walking on a harness and leash, and coming when called. 

The foster dogs are required to come to monthly Meet and Greets and events for potential adopters to meet them. 

The dachshunds that come into rescue have a variety of backgrounds: 

some are owner surrenders,  

some come from shelters around the Midwest,  

some are strays,  

others are breeder releases that get a second chance at life, a chance to become a pet 


The amount of additional care needed by a rescue dog can vary dramatically from dog to dog: 

Some dogs have previously been in a home and are partially or fully house-trained. They have been cared for at one point, have experienced a variety of life situations, and understand the basic human-animal bond. Often, they are well-adjusted emotionally and will adapt easily to a foster family or new home. 


Other dogs have come from a situation where they were not able to establish a bond with a person. They may not have had a lot of human contact so they lack social skills or manners. They can have health issues resulting from lack of regular medical care and will require a caring foster family willing to work with them to help them become a well-adjusted pet for their future family. 


Finally, there are dogs that have been brought in from breeding situations. They do not know what walking in the grass is, or how to behave around people or in a house. They have received little or no veterinary care, have health issues, and are 

extremely fearful or shy. These dogs need a patient, loving foster family to help them learn how to be a house pet and discover the new world around them. 


With the help of a loving foster family, we have seen that all types of dogs can blossom and become treasured, forever companions to their new families. The length of time dogs remain in foster families also varies. We do everything we can to spread the word that our rescue dachshunds are available. Some are in foster care for a few weeks, and some for a few months. Some are even adopted by their foster families! 

The costs to you of being a foster parent are only daily kindness, patience and safe shelter in your home. 

 All medical expenses or medications are covered by Dakota Dachshund Rescue Your rescue dog will be scheduled for their initial assessment with our veterinarian, receive vaccinations etc. and then be scheduled for spay/neuter, dental or any other surgeries the foster dog needs, 

As a DDR Foster Family, you will work closely with the Foster Coordinator. They are a valuable resource, dedicated to working alongside you during the fostering experience. They are available to answer questions, arrange for any medical care necessary, assist in training or behavioral issues, etc. Best of all, they foster rescue dogs themselves, so they have a first-hand knowledge of the process. 

Dakota Dachshund Rescue is in desperate need of caring Foster Families.  

Every day we are presented with more dogs in need and when there are no foster families to help take them in, it can be a heart-breaking ordeal to turn any away. Won't you please consider temporarily opening your home to a homeless dachshund or other breed we put out a Foster Home needed email for? You will become a vital link in saving a sweet dog’s life and helping to shape a future forever companion. 

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