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Another Annie update..7/13/2020 Annie was having some real issues but Dr Paul didn't feel she was ready to go to the Rainbow Bridge yet. We discussed options and he felt it was time to risk surgery to remove the bladder stones to take away the constant inflammation in her bladder. We prayed about what was the right thing to do, she did very well with the surgery :) It's been10 days since her surgery and she is doing well! She sleeps better, her appetite is better, she loves laying outside in the grass in the evenings :) CBD oil is helping with her dementia and inflammation. She's our little ole lady and love her so much!

6/15/2020 Annie is having a tough time. Her dementia is worse and now she has an nasty UTI. Prayers are needed for our little senior girl.
I'm Annie. I'm a sweet senior girl just needing a home where someone is home more. I love going outside to potty and check things out. My vision isn't what it used to be but I do fine. I love a big dog bed to hang out in even though I'm just a little girl. I do like toys.
Can you hang out with me? I am 14 yrs old, I weigh 10 lbs, my adoption fee is $250 plus sales tax $11.25=$261.25

12-7-2018 Update on Annie
Annie developed another UTI, x-rays show she has two large bladder stones. She is currently on meds to clear up the infection, we will meet with Dr Paul to see what if he feels Annie can handle a surgery.

8/31/2019 Annie continues to do well. She has thrived since we started cooking chicken and rice for her. She loves her little expen in the living room and loves wandering about outside. Dr Paul doesn't feel Annie would survive any surgeries so we keep her happy and as healthy as we can. If she doesn't like dog food we will continue to cook for her :)

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