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Update May 24,  2020   Mikey started having more seizures :( Dr Paul has added another medication,Zonisamide,  to help get seizures under control. 
He is also on CBD oil.
Mikey is almost three years old now. He came to us after being left in night receiving at our local HS.
The Humane Officer found him the next morning, he was seizing in his kennel.
Dakota Dachshund Rescue was asked to take him once he got better, he was in the hospital for a week.

Mikey is on Keppra three times a day. Our current schedule is 6 a.m., 2 p.m. and 10 p.m. his every 8 hrs schedule can be adjusted to your schedule.

Mikey is very playful, he likes to play ball. He has been with children, he does do the mouthing thing so we are working on that.
Mikey is well house trained and kennel trained.
He is not a big barker.
He is very inquisitive and does get into stuff....he can chew the top off any medicine bottle, any Ibuprofen container, any dog vitamin container.....we feel this is what landed him at the HS as well as in the Emergency Vet Hospital.
Mikey is very much a 2 year old.

He weighs 20.6 pounds, his adoption fee is $275 plus sales tax $12.38= $287.38


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