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Howdy! I'm RJ. I came to DDR because I was not good with the kittens in the house when they got near my food dish.
As well as I need a big 6 ft privacy fenced yard to run in. I am very energetic.
I am on meds for seizures, my foster mom is working on the right meds and the proper dosages. I would do best in a home where someone is around a lot or I could go to work with them, I do have separation anxiety and hate being left. I am an excellent copilot...I sit very well in the car, my foster mom uses a seat belt to keep me safe. I would not be good with children, I'm big and I don't know my own strength. I walk well with a gentle leader but on a regular collar I pull and I am very strong. I am 5 yrs old, I weigh 44.5 lbs, my adoption fee is $500 plus sales tax $22.50= $522.50

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