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Animal Success Stories

"My little dog---a heartbeat at my feet."  Edith Wharton

Our lives will forever be enriched because of the dachsies that touched our hearts in rescue, but we know the real healing does not begin until they leave our care.  We encourage, we celebrate, we do everything we can to give them the skills they need to put their best paw forward as they wait for their forever families to find them . . . and then the time comes to say goodbye.

Often we shed tears.  We remember when they came in, how far they’ve come, the hiccups along the way – we laugh, we cry – and then we always say a little prayer as we send them on their way.  We hope they find the confidence to keep that best paw forward, because we know, when they do, they will truly flourish.  It is then, they will heal; it is then, they will find peace.

If you have adopted one of our adorable dachsies, and would like to contribute a Success Story, please e-mail, and we will add it to the website.  Be sure to send us a current picture.  We do love pictures!!!

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Stan and Elmo (known as just Mo now) are doing great. When they aren't playfully wrestling with each other, Stan is sniffing around the house exploring, when not on my lap and Mo is chewing on his multiple toys around the house. We had an interesting first couple weeks with Stan and Mo, because of the new situation. They barked for 5 minutes at a time whenever someone new came into the house. However, now they only bark for a few seconds when someone new comes into the house. As far as house training, we are about 80% there with only a couple accidents a week (usually by the back door). By about 8 o'clock every night, both of them have found their way onto my lap on the couch, usually laying on top of each other. It is obvious Stan and Mo have become best friends in the past 4 months and their relationship will only grow with time. Both of them have really formed their own personalities while in Fergus Falls and we have recently found out that Stan has a Huskie Heart in him. He tries to run through snow 2 feet deep, seeming to do it for fun. Mo doesn't like the snow as much, but doesn't mind chasing Stan if Stan makes the trail first. These two have been a great addition to our family and they are fitting in with my parents two dachunds very well when I bring them over for a playdate! Hope all is well and thank you for all you do for these great animals! Here are some pictures of the boys. Let me know if you get this message and that the pictures came through ok. Thanks again! Kyle Rohlfs

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