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Animal Success Stories

"My little dog---a heartbeat at my feet."  Edith Wharton

Our lives will forever be enriched because of the dachsies that touched our hearts in rescue, but we know the real healing does not begin until they leave our care.  We encourage, we celebrate, we do everything we can to give them the skills they need to put their best paw forward as they wait for their forever families to find them . . . and then the time comes to say goodbye.

Often we shed tears.  We remember when they came in, how far they’ve come, the hiccups along the way – we laugh, we cry – and then we always say a little prayer as we send them on their way.  We hope they find the confidence to keep that best paw forward, because we know, when they do, they will truly flourish.  It is then, they will heal; it is then, they will find peace.

If you have adopted one of our adorable dachsies, and would like to contribute a Success Story, please e-mail, and we will add it to the website.  Be sure to send us a current picture.  We do love pictures!!!

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Harley came to us as a foster to start with, we thought he would work with our dogs because we have a blind double dapple dog so we had some experience with the more challenging dogs. Everyone that has seen Harley loves his coloring, but being deaf, he presented some special problems, as we had to learn gestures to command him. Some days we thought Forrest Gump was a more fitting name for him! As he settled in, he got along with our blind doxie, they learned how to play hide and seek together-not too hard to hide from a blind dog. They also walk well together always right by each other. It did not take long to see that as entertaining as Harley was, there was NO way we were going to let him leave our home. On June 30th for an anniversary gift my dad gave my mom Harley. Although some days Harley maybe a challenge with his antics like: being pidgeon-toed, snorting like a bull at the door when you shut it, or taking a huge belly flop into the bed about 2:00 a.m., or the best spinning in circles for his supper. We know we could never part with him. He is a permanent member of our “herd” of doxies. *Marchand Family & Harley’s new buddies


My Story… By Oscar Smook…formerly “Hawkeye” from the Dakota Dachshund Rescue My name is now Oscar Smook, formerly “Hawkeye” from the “Dakota Dachshund Rescue”. I was adopted by Jill and Rick Smook, while visiting Citi in December 2008 and I now have TWO big sisters too! Jade is the BIG one, and Cinder, the one that kind of looks like me! Yes, it’s been the life since I entered the Smook household! I had to pull a few tricks out of my bag to get the EXTRA SPECIAL attention AND find a way to wrap them around my little paw! Wasn’t long after bedtime, my first night there, that I knew we were a perfect match! It’s amazing what the whimpering of a puppy can do! All it took was about 2 minutes, and Jill came to my rescue! Out of my kennel and right where I wanted to be…cuddled under the covers, along side Jill, Rick, Cinder and that big lug, Jade! No kennel for me at night…right in the bed where I belong every night! Then there’s the time when I chewed up a couple of our kitchen rugs, and chewed the cord to the phone, disconnecting the service! Good thing I’m so darn cute and have big brown eyes that just sparkle, as Jill and Rick just never get mad at me, in fact, I always seem to get some extra attention when I get into mischief! All if hear is “Oscar, you are such a stinker”, Jill might shake her finger, but never raises her voice, and then she will pick me up and gives me big hugs and kisses…cuz I am awful cute! Of course, I follow up with lots of licks too! Cinder and Jade are pretty good sister’s too! We chase each other around the house, play tug a war to see who’s going to get the toy first, play hide and seek, and share pillows and blankets on the davenport as we watch a Saturday night movie! Once in awhile we get to chase a bunny or birds in our back yard too…really exercises my short little legs! I really like the car rides too! Especially our special Sunday morning ride, when we let mom sleep in and dad takes the three us to look for deer, wild turkeys and then we stop to buy the Sunday paper for mom! Yes, I’ve got the life and have found my permanent home, however I would sure like to see some of my other friends get adopted too and find a home just like mine! Go check it out and maybe you can have a new addition to your family just like Jill, Rick, Cinder and Jade did!

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