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Animal Success Stories

"My little dog---a heartbeat at my feet."  Edith Wharton

Our lives will forever be enriched because of the dachsies that touched our hearts in rescue, but we know the real healing does not begin until they leave our care.  We encourage, we celebrate, we do everything we can to give them the skills they need to put their best paw forward as they wait for their forever families to find them . . . and then the time comes to say goodbye.

Often we shed tears.  We remember when they came in, how far they’ve come, the hiccups along the way – we laugh, we cry – and then we always say a little prayer as we send them on their way.  We hope they find the confidence to keep that best paw forward, because we know, when they do, they will truly flourish.  It is then, they will heal; it is then, they will find peace.

If you have adopted one of our adorable dachsies, and would like to contribute a Success Story, please e-mail, and we will add it to the website.  Be sure to send us a current picture.  We do love pictures!!!

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Little Miss Gretchen

We have really become the best of friends! She is holding a treat in her paws in the pic. And still has her DDR blanket! I don’t mention the word “car” unless I am taking her with me. She also gets extremely excited when I say “ready for a walk?” She is still a bit of a barker, but has gotten much better. She is much better with people, but still afraid of little kids. She has been the perfect fit for me and I think I am for her. I adopted her September 5, 2012, so I have had her for a year already. She also likes to play “tug of war” with her rope toy. I can’t imagine what I would do without her. Thank you and your organization SO MUCH for all you do!


Hi Judy, Just thought you might want to see some pictures of Lacey at our house. She is really settling in nicely. She barks when she needs to go outside, and as you can see from the pictures she is playing with the boys. I dont let her sleep with us at night, but when I take naps before work she naps with me :) Funny girl has to be under the covers. Yesterday she started to eat her food. The only thing is she is still scared of my husband. Do you have any ideas on how we can try to make her feel more comfortable with him? Hope you are having a good week, Kristina


Hi Judy (and Sarah), Here's the update I promised. :) Things are going well with the girls. We are so excited to come home now. It's awesome. Sylvie is snuggling both Brian and I whenever we are on the couch. She still tucks her tail while she's at the park, and is nervous, but she jumps up on both of us and wags her tail. She's getting better at it each day. She is a rock star at potty training. Getting her to eat is always an adventure. How do you feed the dogs? All at once? Do you use plastic bowls? She will go to the bowl, then go to her safe place. Or check out Lily, who is of course chomping away. I have to coax Sylvie to the bowl. She has only given up 2 meals. Both dinner. She licks Lily incessantly sometimes. I think that is a nervous behavior, but I'm not sure. Lily cracks us up with her funny attitude. She's like a crusty old lady. When she sneezes, it sounds like a flock of birds. So funny! She eats fine, but we're still working on the potty thing. She's had a pee accident each day. But we're working it out. She goes fine in the morning, but getting her to pee after work is a struggle. Today, Brian took them both out, but Lily wouldn't pee. So he brought Sylvie back upstairs, put her in the crate, then took Lily out again. Then she finally peed. Silly girl. The wood chips idea was a good one. We'll just keep her on them until she goes. When we take her on walkies, she does a great job of just wandering the field, and following our feet. Nothing holds her back. Not even the harness. Having Sarah teach us to say "Watch out!" was a great thing to know. Sylvie follows her like a hawk, but sometimes will walk away from her for a bit, but then she runs back to Lily. It is super gross that they eat poop. Do you think they'll ever "outgrow" that? We keep a very close eye on them, but sometimes they get to one from someone else's dog that an owner didn't pick up. So gross! Anyhow, we are super in love with these girls. You do a great job of training them. All of your advice has been terrific, and we're so grateful to be able to call/email you with questions. Please let us know if we can do anything to help you guys. Until then, I can send updates on their progress, if you're interested. We love talking doxie. :) I've attached three pictures. Two of the car ride home, and one of them in their crate conked out after the car ride. Hope all is well with you. Hi to all in your family. ~Trish and Brian

Lil' Slugger

They put a new bed in the child seat of the cart so he could ride around comfortably and pick out his new things. He loved it! Deb Ritter

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