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"My little dog---a heartbeat at my feet."  Edith Wharton

Our lives will forever be enriched because of the dachsies that touched our hearts in rescue, but we know the real healing does not begin until they leave our care.  We encourage, we celebrate, we do everything we can to give them the skills they need to put their best paw forward as they wait for their forever families to find them . . . and then the time comes to say goodbye.

Often we shed tears.  We remember when they came in, how far they’ve come, the hiccups along the way – we laugh, we cry – and then we always say a little prayer as we send them on their way.  We hope they find the confidence to keep that best paw forward, because we know, when they do, they will truly flourish.  It is then, they will heal; it is then, they will find peace.

If you have adopted one of our adorable dachsies, and would like to contribute a Success Story, please e-mail dakotadachshund@hotmail.com, and we will add it to the website.  Be sure to send us a current picture.  We do love pictures!!!

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We adopted Jupiter in July after losing one of our furry friends that spring. Jupiter has been such a blessing to our family. He is very active and loves attention. He is our little shadow as he comes with us everywhere we go! He rules the roost in our home. He lets our beagle, Lucky know who’s boss! Jupiter is very spoiled. He loves getting new toys and adding new clothes to his wardrobe. Petco is his store of choice. He loves to curl up with his DDR blanket with anyone who is willing to sit with him in the chair. He enjoys going for walks, especially after he got his own stroller! Jupiter is a very friendly dog, he loves to greet everyone when they come over. He has adjusted so well and is a very important part of our family. Jupiter is a great dog because of DDR. We are very grateful for Judy, his foster mom and all the love she gave to him so that our family could love Jupiter, and provide him with his forever home.

Captain Jack Sparrow

It has been almost a year since my husband and I adopted Captain Jack Sparrow. Due to his long name, and a neighbor's dog already named Jack; we decided to call him Jax. Wow has he changed our lives! My husband and I both always talk about how much we love Jax and how crazy it is that we can love and care for a dog so much! Jax is our little baby in our house and is so amazing to have around. He loves to cuddle with both of us and snuggles up right next to us in bed at night. He is also always ready to play...one of his favorite games is hide and seek :) We have a fenced in backyard where Jax loves to run around and play fetch. He has quite the personality and is SO smart! He also LOVES to go on walks; which we do every day. Jax also loves to play with other dogs. My husband and I are always sad when we have to leave him and can't wait to get back home to him. Adopting Jax from DDR was the best thing we have done! We have even talked about possibly adopting another dachshund from DDR so Jax can have someone to play with and so another dog can join our loving family :)


Our children have wanted a dog forever but we know what a commitment it is to a family. I was told of DDR by a friend and instantly felt that if we were to get a dog this was quite possibly the answer. So we packed up the family and headed to a meet and greet. Our family was introduced to Rudy by his foster parents. They were upfront and honest about Rudy's background, housetraining and personality. I wasn't sure that day I wanted to commit but we are so glad we did. Rudy couldn't be a more perfect fit for our family. We are very active with 3 young kids and that is why a hyper puppy would never do. Rudy follows us around, plays tug of war but by far his favorite thing is to cuddle on the chair with any of us. He also has yet to yelp, cry or bark while he is kenneled at night which I cannot believe. It has been such and easy transition for us. My husband and I said it feels like he has been with us forever!

Little Miss Gretchen

We have really become the best of friends! She is holding a treat in her paws in the pic. And still has her DDR blanket! I don’t mention the word “car” unless I am taking her with me. She also gets extremely excited when I say “ready for a walk?” She is still a bit of a barker, but has gotten much better. She is much better with people, but still afraid of little kids. She has been the perfect fit for me and I think I am for her. I adopted her September 5, 2012, so I have had her for a year already. She also likes to play “tug of war” with her rope toy. I can’t imagine what I would do without her. Thank you and your organization SO MUCH for all you do!


Dachshunds are no stranger to our family. We have multiple family members with not only 1 or 2 dachsies, but 3, so it was an easy choice when deciding what kind of dog to get. This winter we attended the DDR wiener dog races at the Stampede game and put in an application to adopt one of the dogs. With our luck, this dog was already adopted. It seemed as those every dog we were interested in went to another home. Until we met Otis (now lovingly called Leroy). We met him at a meet and greet on a Saturday afternoon by mistake. Judy meant to bring us another boy that she knew we would love. Both dogs were identical in looks so it was easy for her to grab the wrong dog on the way out the door. But it didn’t matter because the second we held him we knew he would be ours forever. We instantly fell in love with this perfect dachsie boy!

After waiting a week to get Leroy to the vet for his final checkup and to get neutered, we got to bring out boy home! Just in time for my birthday! He has been one of the best birthday gifts of all time. =)

Leroy has been an excellent dog since we have brought him home! He loves to snuggle and would sleep in bed all day if we let him! Each morning when he hears the alarm go off he has to make sure his mom is up, so he sneaks up the covers and gives kisses until I finally get out of bed! No snooze button with Leroy around. Don’t let his laid back sleeping habits fool you, this boy is full of energy as well! He loves to play and go on walks. He absolutely loves other dogs and kids! He is very social.  =)  He also is sure to never miss an opportunity to get a treat (you get lots when you are cute!).  =)  Leroy is our watch dog- he sits in our front window and makes sure to let us know when anyone is anywhere near the house (the mail man is his worst enemy! He gets much to close for Leroy’s liking).

Leroy is the perfect match for our family. He is the friendliest, most loving and easy going dog. He is a goofball too! We constantly have people tell us how handsome and well behaved he is (they don’t see the mischief he gets into at home!). We are very lucky to have such a great boy.  =)

We continue to bring Leroy to DDR functions so he can stay connected to the people who saved his life. He was a very lucky boy to have been taken in by DDR and we are very grateful for each person there who has had a chance to love and care for our Leroy. We will definitely be back in the near future to get Leroy a friend!

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