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Message From: Char and Ben Flottman May 6, 2022
Phoebe Phoebe came into the DDR after one of the volunteers heard about a Yorkie that the family had sent to the local vet to be euthanized after the owner suddenly died . She was a 13 yr old,chubby, food driven pup with her famous Yorkie demeanor. It took her a month before she decided we could be her foster family but once she settled in we couldn’t let her go so she became another foster failure! Sadly Phoebe only lived a little over a year with us but she had lots of adventures and spoils in that short time. She is missed but we know that her spirit is happy to be reunited with her first mom. Senior pups are often over looked in favor for puppies or younger pups but they have a lot of love and companionship left to offer.

Message From: Carol Bonnell August 16, 2021
Our sweet Fred passed away last September 10th. He was 15, blind, had doggie dementia and had recently developed diabetes. We adopted Fred 11 years ago when I was back in Sioux Falls to find a companion for Huck. Huck was adopted 5 months prior. I went to a meet /greet and there was Fred. It love at first sight for both of us. Huck and Fred became best best buddies. Unlike Huck, Fred was quiet, mild mannered, but he was sneaky when it came to stealing Huck's treats. Huck watched over Fred in his last months. Laying by him and watching him while he slept. Fred became known as "Speed Bump" as he would fall asleep generally in the bathroom doorway or the middle of the kitchen floor. He is dearly missed by all of us. Thank you to DDR for all you do for our furry friends and thank you for our Huck and Fred.

Message From: Jodi April 20, 2021
We adopted Charles a few months ago. He is a sweet little man we love him so much. He gets along with our older pomeranian and our cats. But Charles has become a little more spoiled.

Message From: Brenda Hathaway March 19, 2020
I check ur doxie every week to see if I see that girl or boy I pray to bring home I can bring home again u see i have harleythat is about 14 and he is my little boy a senior Doxie that I love to death that talks back to me and conversations and scolds my mom and I when we leave the house and come back home to tell us all about what went on when we were gone. He hates being left alone, and Roxie has the Shepard never has been alone and of course we just lost sassy last year my 13 year old doxie to renal cancer it was so sad, I cried so long and miss her so. But some day. So I will know when it's time, and check back soon.

Message From: Grandpa Dave February 2, 2020
Looking for a senior dog. I would love to see the big brown eyes looking up from my lap.

Message From: Anji April 1, 2019
Lady Bug joined our family March 15th of this year. She fits in SO WELL. She is well loved and completely spoiled. All dogs deserve a change, but seniors have a special place in our heart! Thank you so much for all you do!

Message From: Aron February 6, 2019
Just checking in with DDR. Deja is doing great and really settling in with the family. We can't sit down in the house without a lapful of cuddly doxie. Thank you for bringing us together.

Message From: kyle brenner February 4, 2019
Such a wonderful place with an amazing staff! We enjoyed the visit so much. Thank you! THE BEST

Message From: Tracy Dee December 7, 2018
I applaud you for the fantastic work you do with the dogs you welcome into your RESCUE!

Message From: Christine & Mel July 4, 2018
9 years ago today, we drove out to Sioux Falls, SD to go pick up a dog we had never met. Thank goodness we did! Life has been so much better with this little booger in it. We Love our Frank!

Message From: Michelle & Gary May 20, 2018
With much sadness & heavy hearts our beautiful"dapple diva" Olivia passed away on Thursday 5-17-2018. We adopted Olivia from Dakota Rescue in Sep. 2009. We got Olivia after our doxie Heidi died & our part doxie mix Muffin was lonely. Muffin & Olivia were the best pals-Muffin being Olivia's ears,since she was deaf. Muffin developed congestive heart failure May 2016 & died shortly after in June. Olivia was alone for 2yrs & adjusted well to being the one & only. Olivia also developed congestive heart almost 2yrs later after Muffin. Olivia died shortly after being diagnosed. Only one good thing came out of this-she died in Gary's arms -;we didn't have to the "shot'. Dakota rescue does wonderful work of savings lives-most of all Olivia saved us. Maybe one day another doxie will come into our life; especially one that needs a "forever" home-if only all our pets stayed with us forever.

Message From: Michelle & Gary May 20, 2018
Gary & I are very sad this week since our beautiful "dapple diva" Olivia passed on to the Rainbow Bridge on Thursday 5-17-2018. We adopted Olivia in Sep 2009 from Dakota Rescue & she was the most beautiful, sweet , lovely doxie. We got her when we lost another doxie & our other doxie mix "Muffin" was lonely. They were the best pals-Muffin was Olivia ears since she was deaf; but you would never have known that-Olivia didn't "act" deaf. Muffin died of congestive heart failure 2yrs ago & almost to exact month Olivia developed the condition suddenly. Olivia was almost 16 yrs old & we had her for almost 10ys-but not long enough-we want them forever. If one good thing came about Olivia's death we didn't have to put her down;she died at home in Gary's arms. Now all our doxies are together past the rainbow bridge; but our hearts are very, very sad. We loved Olivia so much, such a beautiful doxie-thank you Dakota Rescue for all the great work you do. We might have "saved" Olivia, but in the long run Olivia really saved us-such a huge part of our lives. Maybe one day another doxie who needs a great home will find us to love & care for.

Message From: Vance and Danita February 10, 2017
We adopted Bella she is a great addition to our family. I want to thank the Folks at Dakota Dachshund for all helping us.

Message From: Michelle / Geoffrey November 10, 2016
We adopted Daisy ! She is the best ! Thank You ! Daisy is loving her new home and we love having her !

Message From: Brenda Thurn August 29, 2016
Lovely little lifemates!

Message From: Lilian and Steve May 17, 2016
We just came back from adopting Paul Newmann, and he is fitting right in to our little family. Thanks Diane, Judy and Cindy for a great experience. Paul is now....Oliver and is loving being a new "Canadian"

Message From: Lonnie April 17, 2016
looking to adopt a dachshund

Message From: Amanda March 20, 2016
We adopted Oliver June 2008 and Isabella the following year. We would never had either one of ours without Daota Dachshund Rescue and we thank them and God every day. These people who take these loving little ones into their homes, lives, and hearts are special. You'll never find a place that will give more love to your future love ones.

Message From: Marissa J March 19, 2016
I attended my first Meet & Greet today in Sioux Falls and my, was it a treat! The pups were all so loving and sweet! Paul Newman caught my eye. He was absolutely adorable and too sweet for words! I wish so much I could adopt him. I hope he and all those doggies find furever homes with a mommy & daddy! :)

Message From: Kristy November 27, 2015
I love seeing places that rescue animals, in particular dachshunds as I have five of them. I saved one from a life of pain as she had a crippling birth defect, I got her the surgery where she walks:) these little dogs are very special with amusing personalities, I wish everyone could see that.

Message From: Rita August 27, 2015
I just celebrated the 1 year anniversary of bringing Mis Macey home with me on August 20th. Her most loved things to do are run around in her fenced yard, catch bubbles and chase a lazer light!

Message From: Deb Grenko August 27, 2015
God Bless you for having your dachshund rescue. You are a treasure to these little pups.

Message From: Dorene Lemme May 27, 2015
I adopted "Rigby" this spring from Dachshund Rescue & am totally in love with the little guy. He is half dachshund, half Springer Spaniel who is sure he is full Springer. Loves everybody & wants to take on any big dog he sees & loves to be hugged.

Message From: Leann Spangelo December 26, 2014
I lost my mini doxie 6 week so ago, he died in my arms on way to vet! Do you guys adopt to north Dakota people, I'm looking to adopt my next one or two doxies!!

Message From: Sherri Patzer October 22, 2014
We adopted Princess in September 2009, Roxi in May 2010, and now Deja in August 2013. Never in a million years did we expect to adopt a third, but Deja came to DDR via Mitchell and it was a sign that we should come love with us. We are so in love with all three of our little girls. Can't imagine life without them. Thanks DDR for all you do to find homes for all doxies who so need true love and attention.

Message From: Dannie September 7, 2014
We had such a great time meeting the dogs at Germanfest! We are hoping to find our forever furry friend through your organization.

Message From: Marcia Blume November 19, 2013
I have Rosalita and she is a great little dog. She loves to travel with her Mom.

Message From: Woodson Family October 20, 2013
We adopted Rudy on Sept 11, 2013. He has been such a blessing to our family and we wanted to thank you for all the hard work you do. Everyday he makes us smile and laugh and we couldn't imagine life without him. He is all heart and has truly been a wonderful addition to our family, thank you!

Message From: Leland October 15, 2013
Hello! I enjoyed looking through your site this morning. I love Dachshunds! Thanks much! Leland

Message From: Don & Liz August 25, 2013
We adopted Freddie Fender back on July 21st, 2013. He really is a sweet boy and loves to cuddle. He needs a a little house training, but most of the time he is pretty good. This weekend we took him to the local dog park. He really enjoyed it and the other dogs in the park.

Message From: Ernie August 13, 2013
Love your work. You have an ally in West River

Message From: Nancy July 25, 2013
I just love what you are doing and this website is so helpful. Doxies are sooo special. I was rescued by one once and am considering opening my heart again.

Message From: Christine February 23, 2013
We adopted Bruce about one year ago and couldn't be happier. He is the sweetest little guy and is a great addition to our happy home! thank you for all that you do:)

Message From: Gabe January 29, 2013
Awww theyre so cute.. I think i might adopt the "Afraid of commitment" Dachshund

Message From: Hailey January 4, 2013
We adopted Cece in March and we love her so much! She's a great dog and loves to cuddle. Thank you DDR for giving me a best friend!

Message From: james/ December 21, 2012
Friends of Sparky adopted January 2012

Message From: Beth/Teresa Davis July 20, 2012
We are so happy that this rescue group does such a good job. Such lovely pictures. We both appreciate all the good work and dilligent care given to all these litl' darlings! Keep up the good work! lol

Message From: hanna's daddy February 24, 2012
hanna was a smooth coat mini doxie who was a part of our family for three years hanna came into our life after the sudden death of our laso apso snickers which made our male daschund butch very lonely we lost hanna on august 27 due to a back injury from which she would never recover i truly hope that there is a rainbow bridge and she is there waiting for us my nanna was the most sweetest kindest gentle dog i ever had and i miss her every day so say say unto u hanna to you who brought a smile into all of our lives may u find ur peace and happiness at rainbow bridge love u hanna banna split and miss u always love ur dad

Message From: LaShel February 5, 2012
I adopted Billy in November. He is the best little dog. He makes me smile and laugh allot. He has become Nickali's best friend, especially during the day while I work. Thank you for socializing and taking good care of him until I was able to adopt him.

Message From: Candy December 21, 2011
Thank you for what you are doing.

Message From: LaShel October 22, 2011
I enjoyed the October meet & greet. There were soo many adorable doxies. I hope one will be going home with me at the November meet & greet. Thanks for all your efforts protecting and neuturing the doxies.

Message From: mike May 23, 2011
my best friend Jake is just the companion i needed hes just great Mike

Message From: DeEtte Turgeon February 7, 2011
I adopted Max and Macey in November of 2009. They have brought much love to our human home and hearts. I love DDR and their mission. Thank you so much for the gift you gave us.

Message From: michelle schaefer November 8, 2010
Just a note to let everyone know that Olivia is doing wonderfull. Gary and I adopted her Sep.09 and she truely is our "baby". She loves everyone, and has a beautiful personality; we couldn't ask for a better dog . Thanks to all the hard work you people do at the resuce society.Without your help we wouldn't have wonderful dogs like Olivia, and who know where these precious dogs would end up. Sorry we couldn't make to the German Fest this year, hopefully we'll make next year and bring Oliva. Thanks and God Bless. Michelle

Message From: LaShel October 12, 2010
I am glad to hear the Maxx is doing so well after his surgery. Your organization does so much for the doxies that need help and friendship. I wish I lived closer so that I could help.

Message From: Damien September 19, 2010
Jut wanted to let you know what a great time we had at the Meet & Greet. I was really nice to meet everybody..esp. Judy & Diane( says Rudy) and I really liked seeing my foster parents again (says Damien) Mom & and and all my brothers and my sister pray everynite all or Doxie cousins find there forever homes soon. Keep up the great work. Love you all, The Weigels

Message From: Tracy Bridgeman September 2, 2010
I have just recently viewed your website and i think its a wonderful thing that you are doing for these animals. I would like to know how to become a foster parent for any animal that neds me if there is any information that you can send me please let me know at I am really serious about being a foster for an animal in need.

Message From: Jacque June 21, 2010
I went to the meet and great on saturday and fell in love with all of the dogs! they are all so sweet and loving! thank you so much for everything you have done for them DDR!

Message From: Terri and Murray April 19, 2010
I recently lost my little Max, and my other dog Murray, and I , are so sad without him. I saw Ronnie's picture, then my mom and sister went to the meet and greet on April 17 and fell in love with him and thought he would be a good fit with Murray and I. He will become my new little boy when I can get to Sioux Falls in May to pick him up. DDR, thank you for all you do for these wonderful little dogs. They all deserve to be loved an have forever homes. Give Ronnie lots of hugs and kisses from his new mommy.

Message From: Tess Ulmer March 8, 2010
Wonderful Site

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